Drawings and customized parts

Drawings and customized parts

You have a special requirement? We have a special solution!

Do you have a special application that cannot be met with standard parts, or an individual design of different components that needs to be combined into one?

We not only manufacture individual parts according to drawings, our application engineers are also happy to produce the necessary drawings.

The parameters of parts can be just as individualised as the requirements for fasteners. This ranges from the right material selection to the combination of several functions in a single component.

Last but not least, the selection of the right production process contributes significantly to economic and technical feasibility.

Machined parts are manufactured to the highest standards at our production site in Neuss. That is how we are able to support the production of prototypes and samples with short development times, and of course also of small and pilot series.

For cold and hot-pressed parts as well as stamped and bent parts, we can access our facilities in Italy and China and always deliver the optimum quality and design.

Of course, we are happy to take care of the downstream and final processing steps such as surface treatment and finishing.

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