Sealing nuts

Sealing nuts

In the area of sealing nuts, MAX MOTHES has developed a nut that reliably prevents the escape of liquids and gases and provides a firm, permanent fit due to the securing device. The has a wide range of applications, especially in the construction of gearboxes, motors and pumps. Those who use it include automotive manufacturers and their suppliers as well as mechanical and systems engineering.

A well-known problem: The secure sealing of threaded connections is complex. Once hemp and sealing tape were indispensable. Although liquid or micro-encapsulated sealants are available today, processing takes time. Such weak spots are a thing of the past with the sealing nut.

This is made possible by the combination of nut body and a sealing ring that is resistant to oils and solvents. When tightening the nut, the sealing ring presses under high pressure in a specially cultivated recess on the metallic nut body and at the same time against the wall of the through bore. Special advantage: Even after repeated loosening and tightening again, the connection remains tight.

The sealing nuts are available from M6 to M20. Different surfaces are available. The temperature resistance ranges from minus 40 degrees to about 110 degrees, the pressure load over 640 bar

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