Construction and agriculture

Construction and agriculture
  • Internal production of prototypes
  • Remote warehousing
  • Process and part optimisation through in-house consulting with our application engineers

The way construction and agricultural sectors practice their craft is down-to-earth and solid, and that's also how the machines used for it are built.

Agriculture is becoming more and more important. It is no longer just an industry responsible for serving the needs of the population in terms of food. Agricultural products are increasingly becoming an important source of energy.

Whether extreme heights, high weights or low temperatures - construction machinery must face the extraordinary demands they are built for. Often, they are on duty 24 hours a day, without a break. The construction projects are under great time pressure. These robust devices can only use the highest quality elements. Failure of the machines being used is unthinkable.

Ever-increasing demand, ever-shorter product life cycles and constant changes in the utilised materials call for tremendous flexibility. MAX MOTHES products meet the requirements of the manufacturers and users of the components. We offer the ability to produce products that meet the conditions that prevail under these conditions.

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