Railway technology

Railway technology
  • Flexible KANBAN systems
  • Efficient screw locking systems
  • Coatings and strength classes for safe mechanical connections in high-load applications

The first rail vehicles existed on wooden tracks more than 4,000 years ago. The first driving steam engines in the 18th century laid the foundation for the modern railway.

Today in the 21st century, electrically powered high-tech trains dominate the image of modern rail traffic. The development of high-speed rail traffic is proceeding rapidly. One record is followed by the next.

Hardly any other industry in mechanical engineering faces such challenges as the railway industry. It provides the infrastructure and vehicles for the mobility of the future: ecological and resource-saving.

The railway connects places and people millions of times a day, transporting raw materials and finished products. The railway is the network in which the economy works - both at home and abroad. MAX MOTHES provides the reliable connections for railway technology.

The railway industry needs reliable partners. What is delivered today must be in stock in 10 or 25 years' time. Likewise, it needs quality standards that meet the highest demands - and that for decades.

The railway industry expects innovative solutions for growing quantitative and qualitative mobility demands. From MAX MOTHES, the railway industry can rightly expect that there will be someone who thinks ahead in the field of fasteners.

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