Never out of stock!


C-parts management

We only supply C-parts, but these in A1 quality!

Anyone who takes a closer look at his purchasing of C-parts will soon realise that only about 20% of the costs incurred in purchasing are really material costs. The rest are costs that occur in the purchasing process.

Of course, it is obvious that smart shopping can be a competitive advantage. And what does that have to do with us? Our customers can rely on it: We know what matters when purchasing C-parts. By that, we do not just mean supplying screws, but the entire range of all required C-parts, exactly in the required quantity, at the right time as the requirements arise. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while reducing process costs.

Our C-parts management as a competitive advantage for our customers.

KANBAN systems

Never out of stock!

  • KANBAN guarantees permanent material availability.
  • KANBAN enables inventory reduction and optimisation of capital commitment.
  • KANBAN minimises the planning effort and optimises costs.

The KANBAN system was developed for Toyota Motor Corp in 1947, and this principle has revolutionised the way of working. The basic idea behind it was simple: the way goods are removed from the supermarket, is the way the required parts will be removed from the warehouse during production. This removal automatically triggers refilling of the stock. No more, no less.

Since then, KANBAN's basic principle has remained similar, but the tools and time horizons have changed dramatically. What used to be done in a "relaxed" way with a note and a stock card, is now undertaken by lightning-fast computers and the Internet. And this development is far from over.

What do all of these factors mean for our customers? You can be sure to get a tailor-made concept for automatically supplying your needs.


We supply our customers quickly and reliably.

90,000 standard parts, 100,000 customised items. Do such numbers describe a large warehouse? Or rather a small one? Decide for yourself! Not to mention that our customers are invited to visit us on site at any time, to have a look at how we work.

It's not just about size! It's about speed, flexibility and the functioning process. And we have mastered that. Our employees are exceptionally well-trained to handle every logistics task, however complex.

Special screws with a special surface? No problem! Do the goods have to go to South America as rapidly as possible? No problem! The Neuss site gives us just the centralised location that our flexible logistics concept demands.

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