Quality and environmental policy

MAX MOTHES GmbH is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fasteners with one of the broadest product lines in the industry.

We are distinguished by our high capacity to deliver not just standard parts, but also parts in unusual dimensions. We also offer tailored sourcing of special and engineered parts. Our in-house production gives us the ability to react flexibly to customer requests without depending on upstream suppliers. We also offer our customers a wide variety of solutions for surface coatings and personalised C item management. Providing our customers with technical support is another important component of our services.

Being C items, screws, nuts and washers are certainly not the most important components of a product - but equally certainly, these C items are indispensable to the final product. Therefore, the use of high quality products and the application of optimal processes to implement their requirements are of crucial importance to our customers. We are aware of the importance of product and process, which we address both through our quality management system and by continuously developing that same system.

In addition to the quality of our products, occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection are of paramount importance to us and make an important contribution to the company's success. We consider compliance with our legal obligations and requirements to be a matter of course. We also identify and assess hazards, liabilities and risks, which allows us to introduce preventive measures to constantly improve occupational safety and environmental protection. We - including through our upstream suppliers - are committed to the use of products, manufacturing processes and services which are compatible with the health of both people and the environment, as well as to the careful use of resources.

Quality and environmental management standards serve both as a framework and as necessary minimum requirements for our internal structures. In all company processes, they support us in achieving our goal of continuous optimisation and the avoidance or elimination of sources of error.

Our primary goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and to therefore ensure the economic success of our company.

Therefore, the incorporation of our quality and environmental management processes receives unqualified support from the management. However, compliance with these processes can only be ensured with the involvement of every single employee in the company. Therefore, we expect all employees to be aware of their responsibility for quality and for the environment, and to conduct themselves according to our corporate policy.

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