Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles
  • Coatings and strength classes for safe mechanical connections in high-load applications
  • C-parts management
  • Efficient screw locking systems

The history of commercial vehicles goes back to the time of the invention of the wheel. It has always been about the accomplishment of transport tasks.

The production of commercial vehicles is influenced by constantly fluctuating demand cycles. The latest state of the art is subject to rapid, steady development. Hardly any commercial vehicle is equipped the same as another. The potential equipment features of commercial vehicles are as diverse as their applications themselves. Today, the workhorses of the global economy are subject to constantly increasing ecological requirements.

To keep pace with this evolution, suppliers and manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry are equally using the capabilities of MAX MOTHES.

MAX MOTHES offers support along the entire value chain. The research of our customers benefits from the support of our application technology, development is supported by our prototype construction, and we build the unique pieces and samples for tests and pilot series. We support the supply chain with our sourcing and our logistics capabilities. Series production is accelerated by our product and processing solutions, and our certified quality management meets the highest demands.

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