Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering
  • Parts up to M150 from stock
  • Process and part optimisation through in-house consulting with our application engineers
  • Flexible KANBAN systems

A traditional industry such as the German mechanical engineering sector relies on the highest quality and forward-looking innovations.

Worldwide, machines and systems "Made in Germany" are the reference for products of the highest quality and the most precise technological standards. The focus of German mechanical engineering is on innovation and performance. By focusing on continuous improvement in all areas, German machine and system manufacturers are among the world's technology leaders.

MAX MOTHES products meet the high quality standards of this industry. MAX MOTHES is a leader in the manufacture and supply of fasteners that meet the most exacting requirements.

To support the innovative strength of our partners in the mechanical engineering industry, we are always in the front row with our application technology consulting and our internal production capabilities. We support our customers with our know-how when it comes to assembly and connection technology.

We provide support along the entire value chain. The research and development of our customers benefits from our application technology, we support the supply chain with our sourcing and logistics, we accelerate production with our product and processing solutions, and our certified quality management guarantees the highest standards.

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