The basis for efficient series production


Technical applications advice

Experienced technical advice is the basis for efficient series production.

Cost pressure, new materials and new production processes: Our customers are confronted with ever more complex tasks. We meet these challenges in three ways: technical application consulting, specially trained screw specialist engineers and exceptionally well-trained personnel in the technical department form the basis of our application technology.

As a manufacturer, we are a member of the German Screw Association. We benefit from this because we always receive the latest guidelines and scientific knowledge on materials and processes. This keeps our employees trained and our customers benefit from it.

Product development

Experience creates ideas! Our employees are the basis.

Time to Market - the time span between a first idea and the final implementation in series production is getting shorter and shorter. This is possible because many variables can be defined in the context of computer simulations. Well, not all of them.

A computer can only react. Our employees, on the other hand, provide creative input. For example, in the design of different threadlocks, which method can be used with which securing elements must be defined. Experience is important here, and we have that experience. Because we have been in the industry for 100 years.


Standardisation is the key to cheaper production processes.

Cost pressure is the driving force that induces almost all companies in different industries to break new ground. One of these ways is called "common part strategy". Another is called "standardisation". Behind both terms is the desire to use a specific product, a specific assembly in as many applications as possible.

The customer's desire for standardisation is the reason why we proactively propose modifications of running parts to our customers. For example, significant costs can be saved if the surfaces or drives of the screws we supply are standardised.

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